• Are the WIN Bonuses given out in cash?

    The WIN Bonuses are awarded in WinStar Dollars, not cash. The WinStar Dollars can be used against future seasons to WinStar stallions within a year of the award being earned.

  • If my horse wins a Grade 3 and I am awarded $20,000, what do I get if the horse goes on to win a Grade 2?

    WIN Bonuses are awarded incrementally with no duplication of the same level. Therefore if your horse wins a Grade 3 and is awarded $20,000, and then goes on to win a Grade 2, you will receive an additional $20,000 to bring the award up to Grade 2 level ($40,000).

  • I have purchased a mare in foal to a WinStar stallion and am now the breeder of note according to the official Jockey Club records, do I receive the awards if the horse goes on to be a stakes winner?

    Congratulations, yes, WIN Bonuses are given to the breeder of note!

  • I am a co-breeder of a WinStar-sired stakes winner, what do I receive?

    Awards will be given to horses with a number of breeders listed on the official papers and will be divided on a pro-rata basis.

  • I am the breeder of a horse that was already a stakes winner prior to the launch of WIN, do I receive a bonus?

    Unfortunately, wins prior to the start of the WIN program do not qualify for awards, however the next time your horse wins we will be delighted to give you your bonus!

  • How does the ‘two mare qualification’ work?

    In order to be part of the WIN network and be eligible for awards, you must be a current client of WinStar’s and have bred at least two mares in the year the award is earned.

  • What happens if a horse I bred wins an award but I haven’t bred two mares in the most recent season?

    In order to redeem the award, you must breed two mares in the same year the award was earned. If you have not bred two mares in the year of the award you will not be eligible to redeem the award.

  • Do I have to use the award on the stallion that sired the stakes winner that I bred?

    No, you can use the award on any stallion on the WinStar roster, pending usual mare approval.

  • Can I use the WinStar Dollars to breed my two qualifying mares?

    Yes, we invite you to use your credit any way you choose.

  • If I use my WIN bonus to purchase a season and my mare does not get in foal can I breed back the next year?

    Although we will do our very best to help you produce a live foal, the seasons purchased using WinStar Dollars do not have a ‘Stand and Nurse’ guarantee. It is the responsibility of the breeder to insure the pregnancy if they choose.

  • Are the horses that I bred prior to November 2017 eligible to win an award?

    Yes, any horse by a WinStar sire is eligible to win an award. See terms and conditions for further details.

  • If my horse wins a Triple Crown race, I receive $100,000 WinStar dollars?

    WinStar Dollars are only awarded to WinStar sired horses. You will receive $100,000 if your horse is sired by a WinStar stallion.