Terms & Conditions

  1. To qualify, Breeders must breed 2 mares at WinStar in the current year, and be in “good standing” as determined by WinStar.
  2. Only Northern Hemisphere races at pattern level equal to US standards qualify
  3. WinStar Dollars awarded based on race level with maximum award per horse being a win in the Triple Crown, Kentucky Oaks and Breeders’ Cup.
  4. WinStar Dollars valid for 1 year from date of race win.
  5. ‘Breeder’ is considered breeder of record with The Jockey Club.
  6. No duplication of awards for the same horse (e.g. a horse winning two G2’s only gets awarded once etc.)
  7. WinStar Dollars used based on listed price.
  8. Seasons subject to availability and mare approval as is normal procedure.
  9. WinStar Dollars cannot be sold and are non transferable but valid for M/S and F/S.
  10. WinStar Dollars are non refundable and used on a NG basis.
  11. Awards for stallions that are not currently standing at WinStar Farm awarded at 50%
  12. International races are awarded at 50% of North American bonus levels
  13. Debt cannot be paid with WinStar Dollars.
  14. WinStar Dollars not applicable to previous contracts.
  15. Debt has to be retired to be eligible for redemption of reward. Breeder has one year from date of win to retire debt and utilize awarded WinStar Dollars.